Our Programs

Each Site Coordinator conducts an annual needs assessment to determine the programs and services that would best benefit their school. Key initiatives include attendance, success motivation, student leadership, life skills, workforce preparation, career exploration, college access and basic needs such as food, clothing, medical, dental and vision support.

Basic Needs

We connect students with the basic needs to be able to get to school, be in class and be ready to succeed. We partner with local non-profits, businesses and the community to provide things like food, school supplies, school appropriate clothing, medical, dental and vision support to our students.

Success Motivation

Our Site Coordinators work one-on-one with students to help them set, monitor and meet their goals. Graduation is achieved one goal at a time by focusing on attendance, behavior, course performance and future plans.


Chronic absence (missing 10% or more of school days, excused or not) presents academic challenges that can result in failing subjects and even dropping out of high school. Many of our Site Coordinators serve on attendance committees at their schools and monitor their caseload students’ attendance.

Workforce Preparation

The Walton Works Initiative recognizes the workforce challenges in our community and is a partnership among our school systems, Student Success Alliance, Development Authority of Walton County and other organizations. Walton Works provides programs that strengthen our local workforce by helping students explore careers and develop employability skills.